Moving Sucks

Apologies for the lack of recent posts. I am not gone, only in moving hell.

We moved into our new house last Tuesday and are still surrounded by boxes, which is good because we have entire rooms that are devoid of furniture. Unless the cardboard box look will be championed by Domino magazine (if you have not yet read it, run, don’t walk, to your nearest newsstand to buy it – it’s awesome) this fall, we need to make a trip to some furniture stores ASAP. I am so hesitant to buy anything from the ubiquitous Pottery Barn, as their customer service blows and their furniture can realistically be expected to arrive 3 months past their projected delivery date (all kidding aside, I once got a Charleston sleeper sofa from them FOR FREE because it arrived – no joke – an obscene six months past the due date). However, their stuff is so damn cute and relatively reasonably priced, that I think I may just be a sucker and place another order. I liken them to Christina Aguilera and her “Ain’t No Other Man” song: I loathe her for her skankiness and undeserved diva complex, yet I can’t help but want to groove to that tune because the beat is damn infectious. Though it makes me feel dirty (not dirty, mind you), when it comes to my radio, I don’t change the channel, I crank it.

Anyway, there is now an enormous DirecTV dish mounted on my deck where a trellis of flowering vines should be, and it irks me insanely. My husband is pissed that I chose to paint our bedroom a dusky shade of grey/lavender (I believe the exact reaction was “I am going to have to check my balls each time I enter this room”), so we are now even.

Thankfully, my kids seem to have handled the transition into our new place seamlessly. They pretty much didn’t skip a beat when we moved, which has been most helpful.

Me, I need a new king-size mattress, bed frame, dresser, sectional sofa, sofa slipcover, a pair of upholstered chairs for the living room, a chandelier for the dining room, a rug for the sunroom, a desk for my office…

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