About Me

Hello Readers! My name is Terin and I live in Atlanta, GA. I am the proud parent of my son, daughter, and two crazy dogs.

I have had a love of writing ever since I can remember. At one point I even aspired to be an editor of a giant magazine. Funny how life happens and some things just don’t work out… I did get published in a couple of New Age publications though!

I am a total foodie!!! I love to write about food, take pictures of food, and do reviews on food I eat out. Oh, and not to forget to mention, that I love to EAT food – any food – I’ll try anything once! I’m also a Food Services Manager for our local school district, so food is even my job. :0)

Photography is another passion of mine. I’m a very amateur photographer but hope to change that in time. I also have a lot of other varied interests, which you will find scattered throughout my blog. However, you will see that most of my postings are about live and food. Wonderfully exciting, ever-changing, heaven-on-earth FOOD!!

Pull up a chair, bring a healthy appetite, and get a little lost in my crazy world for a while.

Thank you for visiting with me here at Modded Momma!