Finding the Best Baby Strollers

Buying a baby stroller can be as complicated as buying your first car. Several factors are considered in purchasing this personalized product ranging from baby’s age, lifestyle, height, neighborhood terrain and other personal preferences in terms of features.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed or even confused as you start shopping for your baby stroller, but don’t worry. According to the experts at MommasBaby these tips will help you select the best strollers.

Strength of the tires

The tires take the entire load and the roughness of the strolling task. It is therefore paramount to check out different tire strollers that come with a wide variety of tires designed for different surfaces. Depending on the nature of your pavements and floor types at your home, settle on a tire that will serve you efficiently. Visit different stores personally and try out opening, carrying and folding different models using one hand. Ensure the stroller feels firm and sturdy, not flimsy.

Go for a lightweight frame

If you know you will need to use the baby’s car seat alongside your stroller, you may save some money by purchasing an empty frame to stroll around the infant car seat. The frames are usually easy to operate with one hand, opening and closing. The only drawback here is that when your baby outgrows the car seat at about 1 year old, you’d need to replace both the seat and the frame, which is something else.

Going off road

You may go for a jogger or all-terrain stroller which has three air filled tires or heavy-duty suspension, ideal for off-road rolling. These strollers are also perfect for maneuvering tight or crowded areas and you can turn on a dime. It is important to note that three-wheel strollers may not be appropriate for infants younger than 6 months for safety reasons.

Stay focused on safety.

Consider the safety provisions for every stroller you considering. Young infants require tighter and more compact strollers with minimal openings that they may slide through and get strangled. Also check out the flexibility of safety belts or harness, and provisions to lock the wheels of the stroller when you stop to prevent it from rolling away from you.

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Modded Momma’s Guide to Giving Kids Medicine


Giving medicines to kids safely can be a complicated process. Many parents will often feel the pressure of tending to their kids’ medicine needs, while deciding whether they are giving too much or giving too less. However, with a little bit of knowledge and a lot of double checking, it is possible for you to give your kids medicines safely without creating complications and unnecessary problems for yourself or for the kids. Knowing when medicines are necessary and when they are not are a key prerequisite to giving medicines to kids safely. Below is a guide to giving kids medicine in a safe way.

Getting the dose right: A study has found that only 40 % of a group of 100 parents are able to get the dose for the medicines right. The study also showed that only 43 % of the parents were able to correctly measure the dose. Finally only 30 % of the parents were able to identify and administer the right amount of medicine to the kid. The key to identifying the right dose, is to read the instructions on the label very well. Take care while pouting it out. Call the doctor if you are not able to comprehend the instructions.

Delivery method: A good way to ensure that the kid gets the right dosage of medicine is to make sure that the method of delivery is right. This means that you have to put away the kitchen spoon back inside the drawer and use a dosage spoon , a dosage cup or a medicine dropper or an oral syringe which will en able you to correctly identify the dosage . For babies oral syringes with markings on the side work the best, because you can be sure to get all of the medicine into your kid’s mouth without dropping any outside. 

Timing is important: It is important to time the delivery of the medicine correctly. It is important to read the labels for instructions regarding how often you need to administer the dosage to your kid. In case it is prescription medicine, you should consult your doctor and ask him how often the dosage is necessary. Remember to follow all the instructions regarding, if the medicines have to be administered with meals, or before meals or after meals. Figure out if it during the kid’s waking hours or during his bedtime.

Ensure that the medicine goes down: Your kid may be resisting the medicine because it may taste bitter or he is scared. That is why it is essential to ask around for a flavor mix that is more palatable. It is not advisable to mix the medicine in a bottle of milk or in food. However in case the kid does not drink the full dose the medicines are not effective. You should ensure that you are upbeat while feeding the medicines to your kid.

Safely store drugs: Try and keep the drugs in their original bottle and try not to expose them to the air, in case it gets damaged. In case you see that you have lost the label of ingredients and instructions, you must throw bottle away, it is not enough to give your best guess.

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